How to fix malware problem in yahoo account

You know that you didn’t send any such message to the contacts in your yahoo account, and yet, you receive the complaints of some messages being sent to your friends. Why is it happening? Your friends or the email ids get spam even when you do not login to your yahoo account. Do you think that someone is using your yahoo account to send the spam? Perhaps, your yahoo account has been compromised or a malware has attacked your computer or the yahoo account. The malware attack has been quite a common issue for almost all the email service providers. If you find anything suspicious with your yahoo account, you should not delay in fixing the issue. The basic account and account compromise steps can fix the problem. However, if there is a malware attack, you may find it difficult to fix the issue. But that should not disturb the peace of mind. The yahoo customer service is available all the time, and you should reach the services without any hesitation.


Checking the yahoo account for unidentified activities

Is there an email id in your yahoo account that you do not recognize? If so, delete it as soon as possible. Also, you should delete the linked main accounts if they are unfamiliar to you. Reset the yahoo account password and delete social networking accounts that are linked. Also, you need to ensure that the vacation response is off. This should fix the spam issue with your yahoo account. However, if the problem persists, it may be a severe malware attack and you should dial the yahoo helpline number without any delay. The malware attack may compromise your yahoo account, and the hackers may hijack your sensitive data and misuse them.


Check for malware

If you are a regular internet user, you are certainly familiar with different types of anti-malware software available in the online. You can get one and install it in your system. This will be very much helpful in protecting your system as well as your yahoo account. It the anti-malware detects any malicious malware; you should delete it from the system. Hacking has constantly troubled the entire web world, and you should learn the ways to safeguard your online accounts. If you are a yahoo user, you can get lot of information about the yahoo security center and learn to protect your account. If you find any difficulty in safeguarding your yahoo account, you should dial the yahoo technical support services and get the fix the issues.



The malware in your computer system or in the yahoo account can disturb not only your communication, but your entire life. The theft of the sensitive information can be damaging, and you should not delay in fixing the malware issues with your yahoo account.

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