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Customers now a day are so engrossed in online activities that they at times neglect the privacy of their email accounts. In this information age, users are increasingly moving online and the level of ease in each and every operation has increased manifold. However, a word of caution on this front is that customer must always be sceptic of the negative utilizations of the online space. There are cyber experts who are constantly trying to hack systems and intrude into others’ personal online space. Talking of cyber security, the first level of defence on behalf of customers is the password which they set to their account. Passwords are the keys to user account and are one of the most confidential information which a user has in the online space. However, owing to multiple user accounts which customers have to take advantage of the multiple online services, they are increasingly misplacing their passwords.

The Gmail Customer service takes responsibility of addressing these issues. They interpret each and every client’s request and routes them to the designated team specialized for that particular request. In case of password recovery, all such requests are directed to the Gmail password recovery team. The team consists of dedicated and seasoned professionals who are self motivated and takes a sense of pride in listening to customer queries and solving them. In case of a passwords recovery request, the customer care professionals first check the authenticity of the user. This can be done by asking them the key to the hint question which was set during creation of the account. In case the user is proved to be authentic, a verification code is sent to the corresponding user using which he or she can unlock the account. Many a time, due to increased traffic and congestion at peak hours, customers have to wait for long period of time to get a chance to talk to the customer care executives.

As a result of this, customers are encouraged to follow the series of steps designed by Gmail where in they can click on the hyper link displaying “Need help” in the home screen and then follow the series of steps which the web site would guide to. There are a lot of alternate source of contact points using which customers can get in touch with the Gmail Customer Service executives. They are reachable via electronic mail, live chat, remote or online log in as well as through social media. Any query raised on behalf of the customer is addressed on a first come first served basis.

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