Reset Gmail Password Over Phone

How  Can I Reset Gmail Password Over Phone ?

If you want to minimize the risk of the conditions by which your Gmail account can be hacked, it’s a good idea to update your password time to time. If the user has lost or forgotten his Gmail password, he can restore the account in three ways. Either you must have a different e-mail ID or a trustworthy phone number or answer some security questions.

If you want your Gmail password to be reset in Android device, here is some steps to make sure that your Gmail account is safe by resetting password.

  • The easiest way to change your gmail password on an android device is through the gmail mobile-app. This app comes pre-installed on most android devices, but if you don’t see it on your device you can download gmail for free from the Google play store.
  • Now launch the gmail app.
  • Sign in to your gmail account.
  • Tap the Menu Account in the top left corner, then scroll down in the menu and tap
  • Settings.
  • So let your gmail account to access your account settings.
  • Now tap My Account, so let sign-in & security, and then tap password.
  • For security purposes you need to tap in the current password for your account. Just punch in your password again to continue. Then tap next.
  • Now you can tap in way what your new password to be.
  • Your Google password should be of minimum 8 characters. To make a strong password choose a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, so it’s harder for other people to guess.
  • Type the same password in the second textbox to confirm.
  • When you’re done tap change password.

That’s all you need to do to change your gmail password from your android mobile device.

If you can’t remember any of your security details, like your linked recovery email, or you no longer have access to your phone number, you won’t be able to reset your Gmail password or access your account. In that case,

  • Firstly, make sure you set up two- factor authentication, and that you email address is linked to a phone number that you will always use.
  • And secondly, invest in a good free or paid password manager that will keep your password secure

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